Midnight Madness

January 1st, 2025

41st & Riverside Dr, Tulsa, OK

Race date and registration will be available once permits are secured. Check back here for updates.

10 Mile + 50K + 50 Mile

The directors of Activate Oklahoma are excited to bring back your favorite ultra race to Tulsa. This year’s event has an exciting new twist – be one of the first few people to run across the Arkansas River using the new Williams Crossing Pedestrian Bridge after dark!

Midnight Madness includes distances for most everyone - 10.5 miles, 50K and 50 Miles. The 14 hour time limit is perfect for walkers, hikers, joggers and fast runners.

Williams Crossing Pedestrian Bridge
(photo credit City of Tulsa)


  • Online registration will be available until the race starts.
  • Packet pickup at RunnersWorld Tulsa (3902 S Peoria Ave) on Saturday from 10am to 6pm or at the start line starting at 11pm.
  • All runners start at 11:59pm on Saturday.
  • All runners should be finished by 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon.
  • Overall and age group awards will be given as groups of people finish.
  • Everyone is encouraged to stay for the last runner - and help out as needed.


Midnight Madness will follow the course from it’s original years:

  • Start at 11:59pm Saturday (just before Midnight, hence the name if you didn’t know).
  • Start / finish line is at 41st Street Plaza at Riverside (Google Maps).
  • Run south on Riverparks trails to 71st Street (wave at the bears).
  • Cross 71st St bridge and take trail to Turkey Mountain lower lot (aid station and crew access point, Google Maps).
  • Continue north on the west-side trails.
  • Second aid station (and crew access point) at West Side Soccer Complex (Google Maps).
  • Continue north to the pedestrian bridge crossing - you will see the lights!
  • Cross the pedestrian bridge with a hoot/holler/whistle as you cross.
  • Run south on Riverparks trails to 41st.
  • 10 mile runners are finished after 1 lap, 50K runners after 3 laps, and 50 mile runners get to run 5 laps!

Parking is available at 41st Street Plaza for about 100 vehicles. RunnersWorld Tulsa is about 1/2 mile east for extra parking (3902 S Peoria Ave). Avoid parking in the neighborhood so we don’t disturb people sleeping.

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations and crew access points at Turkey Mountain lower parking lot (6850 S Elwood Ave), the West Bank Soccer Complex (W 36th Pl & Elwood Ave) and the start/finish line. Aid stations will be fully stocked with water, Gatorade, sweet & salty snacks. Probably sandwiches. Maybe watermelon. Definitely fantastic volunteers and positive vibes.

The finish line party will be at 41st Street Plaze on Riverside. It will be an awesome party that you won't want to miss as a runner, volunteer, or spectator.

There will be space for drop bags at the aid stations, but the runner or their crew is responsible for getting them to the aid stations and retrieving them after the race. Look for the tent and sign that says “drop bags”.


We want your experience at Midnight Madness to be the best possible. For your safety, the safety of others and to ensure we can continue this event we have a few rules to follow.

  • Rule #1 - Leave No Trash On The Course. If you bring it in, you must take it out. There are trash cans at every aid station and roving support vehicles. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified. Anyone. Littering includes gel tear-off tabs, banana peels, candy wrappers and other trash (organic or not).
  • Rule #2 - Appreciate the volunteers. Many volunteers were up before you preparing for the day. Many will stay out longer cleaning up. Most will do both. Rude or disrespectful behavior towards a volunteer, staff or race director will get you disqualified.
  • Rule #3 – No short-cuts. If you find yourself off course return to the last location you know you were on the course and continue on. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. If you find yourself swimming, you are probably off course.
  • Rule #4 - Have fun!

Additional Rules

  • Race bib/number must be worn on the runner’s front and must be visible at all times.
  • From dusk to dawn runners and pacers must wear (1) a headlamp and (2) reflective gear and/or a flasher on thier back.
  • Runners are responsible for the actions of their pacers/crews and must observe/convey the Pacer Rules and Crew Rules to their team.
  • Runners receiving aid from crews outside of the designated crew access points are subject to disqualification.
  • Stashing supplies along the course is forbidden.
  • Any runner dropping out must immediately notify the nearest aid station captain or race management at the start/finish area.
  • Medical personnel, race directors and aid station captains have the right to pull a runner if they feel a runner may be a danger to himself/herself or others.

Pacers and Crew Rules

  • Anyone can have a pacer on any lap.
  • If your pacer wants to officially run in the 10 mile or 50K they can register and start late with one of your laps.
  • There is no fee for pacers, yet pacers can enjoy all of the food and support provided by the aid stations.
  • Pacers will not receive finisher’s medals or race bling.
  • Each runner may have as many pacers as they like, however only one pacer at a time can accompany the runner.
  • Pacers may not "Mule" for a runner at any time. Muling is carrying and/or supplying water, extra clothing, medical supplies.
  • Pacers must not interfere with other race participants.
  • Each pacer must clearly identify themselves when passing through the aid stations.
  • Crew race support is allowed at three designated crew-access points: state finish, Turkey Mountain, and West Bank Soccer Complex
  • Crew members must stay within 100 yards of the designated crew-access aid stations while providing physical support. Outside of 100 yards they must follow the Pacer Rules including the one-pacer rule.
  • Runners are responsible for the actions of their pacers and crews. Pacer or crew member violations of rules may result in disqualification of the runner(s).